Architecture solutions

Architecture solutions

Effective solutions for all your architectural issues

Vrnda is specialized in delivering high quality and effective solutions for any of the architectural issues and problems facing by your organization. We deal with not only providing the architectural solutions but also in the suggestions of enhancement techniques in making your system architecture robust.


We follow a unique procedure that involves a sequence of steps in delivering the architecture solutions for our clients. They are:

  • Static and dynamic analysis of application architecture
  • Which involves investigating the process of the application architecture and the identification of issues.
  • Infrastructure Configuration Analysis
  • Through which we discover and analyze the performance of the complete configuration of the organization’s infrastructure and address the found issues.
  • Database review
  • This enables us to have a clear idea of how your database is faring and whether it needs any modification.
  • Consolidated Assessment Report Preparation
  • In which we include all the suggested recommendations to improve the system architecture and the ways in which we can make it robust.
  • Planning That includes the improvement process, effort methodology that needs to be implemented and effective scheduling.
  • Architecture enhancements accomplishment

Which is the final stage of implementation where the necessary modifications and enhancement techniques are applied in making your architecture robust?