IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure

The IT infrastructure services encompass a wide area of services related to the hardware, software, and network structure of a business organization. It is a vast field that is used in the development, control, enhancement, and maintenance of all the above-mentioned structures. Vrnda specializes in different categories of IT infrastructure services to business clients. Our IT services are fundamentally divided into three categories:

  • Enterprise Computing
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Network and Convergence
  • Enterprise Computing

This particular service deals with the development of various software applications for the purpose of an organization as a whole rather than for individual users. These applications would help in speeding up, easing and perfecting the functioning of the organization.

Our array of Enterprise Computing encompasses 4 different subcategories. They are:

  • Virtualization
  • Enterprise System Management
  • Data Center Consolidation
  • Server Rationalization


Business Organizations often come across some situations where they need to execute a particular function or program on a different platform than the one they are using. Virtualization is the technique that enables them to perform that act.

Vrnda specializes in creating virtual versions of different platforms for various purposes of our business clients. Some of the virtualization components that we specialize in generating are Operating Systems, Hardware Platforms, and Computer Network Resources.

Enterprise System Management

Vrnda deals with enterprise system management that enables our clients to establish a perfect administration of systems and connectivity inside the organization. We provide this service to organizations of all scales.

Datacenter Consolidation

Effective solutions for the client business organizations will be provided by Vrnda in order to reduce the IT functioning and overall operational costs of the business organization. This service includes Service and Storage Virtualization process, mainframe replacement, and cloud computing.

Server rationalization​

We offer the Server Rationalization service which is also known as Server Consolidation process through which the clients can have their servers increased and thus have their equipment and operational costs reduced. An increased number of servers indicates the increased amount of storage and with time, those would be enormously helpful for the growth of the organization.

Infrastructure Security

The name itself indicates that this service deals with the security and risk reduction techniques throughout your entire infrastructure. Vrnda takes the utmost care in providing ultimate security for every branch or category of your organization’s infrastructure.

At Vrnda, we offer a number of services as a part of Infrastructure Security for our business clients which include the following

  • Secure internet Gateway Assessment through which we will make sure that your website and server are protected from external malware and information leakages.
  • Risk Management involves the identification and solving the currently facing risks and anticipating the future risks that could damage the company and applying immediate remedies to avoid those.
  • SecurityArchitecture deals with the management and protection of all the computers and networks in the organization from unauthorized access, modifications, and damages from external factors.
  • Security Planning is one of the services Vrnda provides for our clients through which we plan and suggest some improvements in the existing security systems so that the protection for the entire architecture is intensified.
  • Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity Planning is the service through which we apply the procedures to recover the important infrastructure of the organization after it had gone through unanticipated damage which could be a natural or a human-induced cause. This enables the organization to continue its business and build on what we have recovered for them.
  • Network Vulnerability Assessment is the process through which we analyze the whole network of your organization and discover any faults or glitches that are hidden in the network. After the identification, we suggest some high-quality measures to get rid of them and plan a new robust network.

Network and Convergence

  • Effective Communication Network is what every business organization essentially needs. Vrnda helps to transform your existing network infrastructure in order to support better communication of your workforce through our different Network and Convergence Services.
  • Capacity Planning is the service through which we assess the demand for the company’s products and then determine the capacity that is necessary to meet the requirements of the assessed demand. We make sure that your organization is equipped with an optimum and effective capacity to produce high-quality results.
  • Network Security Design is simply the service that deals with the provision of robust security involving firewalls and other measures so that your network is safeguarded from external intrusions.
  • Performance Assessment service enables your organization to discover the overall performance of the business, whether it is meeting the expectations or not. We also suggest some methods to enhance the performance of your business.
  • Unified Communications service deals with the integration of real-time communication with non-real-time communication which proves to be an important asset to your organization.
  • LAN|WAN Architecture will be designed by Vrnda for your business organization. Every organization requires unique network architecture and connectivity and Vrnda identifies the best and productive architecture for the clients and designs the network architecture accordingly.
  • Network Virtualization service deals with the process of integrating your hardware network resources with your software network resources so that it works as a whole entity also known as a virtual network.
  • Unified Network Management enables your business organization’s wired and wireless networks work in tandem through proper administration. This is achieved by installing a single interface that will synchronize the wired and wireless networks.