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The world is fast changing, and only the prepared mind will take advantage of the change. Commitment and passion for work will be the differentiators when the vision is long, and the mission is challenging.

If you are not facing a challenge in your journey, you have chosen the wrong one. An appetite to break the ceiling and innovate will help businesses to emerge triumphant. Vrnda is Fuelled by Innovation Guided by Values. We don’t use complex jargon to describe our mutually beneficial policy. Our philosophy is to value people, nurture talent and devote ourselves to innovate.

Our ambitious journey is supported by expert technologists and in-house tools that are used to accelerate our journey to the goal post. Simply put, if you win, we will win too.

Prashanth Reddy Cheela

About Vrnda

We have a solid conviction to empower our clients and operate from various locations globally. Vrnda is a reputable provider of customer-centric services and products which enable our clients’ transformation. The pillars of our philosophy are Innovation, Collaboration, Transparency, and Accountability.

We specialize in Legacy Modernization, Digital Enablement, AI, and Data Technology. We are not just a typical software firm that provides services to clients. Instead, we partner with them throughout their product journey and aim to make a lasting impact that benefits the world beyond the scope of the product.


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Our Capabilities

Software applications are mission-critical and need excellent care to make ends meet, leaving no scope for error. The same philosophy drives Vrnda.

We belong to that rare category of companies that can deal with Legacy and the Latest technologies, pushing the borders of our problem-solving skills to mature horizons. That’s where we stand out.


Updating or Adapting to current technologies and practices to improve efficiency and relevance

We prioritize open communication, transparency, and accountability, ensuring our clients remain informed and engaged throughout the process.

Our Offerings

  • Tool based Modernization
  • Efficient output with solution accelerators
  • Migration Patterns



Consistently Delivering Innovative Solutions

Adhering to the DevOps principles of collaboration, automation, and feedback drives team efficiency and effectiveness throughout the software delivery life cycle.

Services we offer:

  • Fully Automated CI/CD Pipeline
  • Consulting Services
  • Custom Framework


Database Migration

Transforming your business with our bespoke database migration solutions

Precision and Accuracy tailored to meet your business needs by transferring data from an old version of a database management system (DBMS) to a newer version or from one database platform to another.

Services we offer:

  • On-Premise to Cloud Migration
  • One Cloud to Another Cloud Migration
  • Migration from One DB to another DB


Cloud Computing

Transform your business with Cloud computing solutions.

Our Cloud platform offers robust, secure, and dynamic computing capabilities to accelerate your digital transformation. Experience next-level efficiency and innovation with our cutting-edge solutions.

Services we offer:

  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Cloud Application Development
  • Cloud Security Solutions


Testing as a Service

Precision testing to enhance software reliability through comprehensive strategies.

We test software not just to find defects, but also to unleash the potential by exploring all the functional possibilities and ensuring excellence

Services we offer:

  • Automation Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Performance Testing



Extracting Extraordinary Outcomes with Efficient Experiences

AIoT fuses the power of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, enabling the seamless interconnectivity of physical devices and smart systems.

Services we offer:

  • Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Development and Implementation Services
  • Support Services



Vrnda AI Lab

Vrnda AI Lab is where we innovate new methods and tools using our expertise and provide valuable insights that enable you to make data-driven decisions.


Vrnda Modernizers

Modernizers is the Vrnda Tool repository containing tools that help migrate legacy systems and embrace new, cutting-edge solutions. Our Modernization services have been highly instrumental in improving clients’ business.


DevOps Bay

Our DevOps Desk is a combination of People and Processes with vast experience delivering complete and successful DevOps solutions for organizations across FinTech, Justice Systems, and Banking. With our top-notch problem-solving ability, we provide attentive service to our clients.


Vrnda Enablers

Our Database Migration team is highly skilled and never cuts corners. They form the agile group of Enablers that takes care of Database Migration and expedite the process without boiling the ocean. Our core potential is our custom framework which includes people, processes, and tools.