Credit Origination

Making complex banking operations simpler

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Cutting – edge technology for complex banking needs

CO, Credit Origination, is our loan lending product. This enables Banks and Financial institutions to automate and manage the workflow of different steps of the lending process. Credit Origination is developed by analyzing the good practice of the Latin American countries’ loan market and economic trends. It can be customized to the requirement of any loan lending institution making small changes technologically in the process flow.


Enhancing efficiency and business

Loan lending software automates and manages the loan lifecycle, from origination to reporting. Such tools allow increased profits and greater control over regulatory compliance. It minimizes error and effort when tracking and reconciling loans.


This phase begins with a new requirement or reprogramming or re-financing. The requirement is registered and goes for pre-approval. After completing the pre-approval process successfully, the request goes for disbursement.


In this stage, the request is submitted to the evaluator for observation. From there, it is sent to the approval department.


In this stage, the request passes through Interest Rate, Exception, and credit stages and reaches the observation stage.


From the approval stage, the request reaches the disbursement phase. This phase passes through EMI Schedule preparation and finally reaches the disbursement stage. In any event, reprogramming is needed; it goes back to the registration phase.