Creating a confluence of talent and opportunity

We strive to create a work culture that fosters innovation, improves collaboration, and promotes creativity. At Vrnda, we encourage employees to look for new solutions to solve complex problems, which can create significant breakthroughs in the industry.

We adopt a flat hierarchy and motivate employees to share their ideas regardless of their placement in the company. The attempt is to get the best out of the employees by promoting the feeling of community and belonging that encourages creativity.


Our Competencies

All Positive Culture

Our company values employees with a culture that prioritizes employee well-being, professional growth, continuous learning, employee engagement activities, and a friendly workplace.

Stay Abreast

Embracing the latest technologies keeps us relevant in the industry. We work on cutting-edge technology or innovative projects and have earned a reputation for the same. Our highly skilled, passionate professionals are our strength.

Talent Nurture Factory

Identification and nurturing talent is a positive character of a company. Finding a suitable resource for a position is very difficult. After bringing the resources on board, we create a conducive environment for learning and nurture the young talent to deliver the best.

Providing Opportunities for Growth

Growth opportunities motivate employees more than anything. They seek career advancement opportunities through mentorship programs and working with experts in challenging projects. We believe in our employees’ professional development, which is a part of our DNA.

Work-life balance

We value the work-life balance of our employees, who often spend much time on complex projects. Hence, we offer flexible schedules, stipulated remote work options, and arrange regular employee engagement activities, leading to high job satisfaction and retention.

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