Cloud computing

Cloud computing

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What does cloud computing provide?

Internet, which is nothing but a large network of computers connected across the globe, paves way for this exclusive Cloud Computing concept which has proved beneficial to the business organizations as it enables to utilize the shared resources on the network from anywhere. The basic concept of Cloud Computing is that it allows you to run any kind of application that your business organization needs that are shared on many connected computers.

Cloud computing will help you to harness the real power of the internet at lightning speeds and at economic prices. Now, having access to multiple servers will no longer be prohibitively expensive or hard to reach.

Vrnda’s cloud computing service

At Vrnda, we offer cloud computing solutions that will allow the integration of additional resources with no real investment in architecture at the server level. So, no matter how much you scale up, we’ll help you to integrate every incremental resource into the existing system, seamlessly and with negligible interruption.


Cloud server hosting through the cloud computing servers provide immense benefits of a cloud computing environment to run web applications. These servers can be configured to client’s requirements, as per the required RAM, CPU, bandwidth and disk space, so that you pay for only what you use. With easy-to-use tools to manage the virtual servers, you can scale and monitor your applications real-time. The following are the summarized benefits of Cloud Computing:


  • Less Expenditure and Low Cost of Ownership
  • Unlimited and No Time Restriction Access
  • Quick meet of Requirements through Shared Resources
  • Convenient Allocation of Resources
  • Pay as you Go Concept
  • Conservation of Internal Resources
  • Free from Storage Issues