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Fuelled by Innovation Guided by Values

About Vrnda

We have a solid conviction to empower our clients and operate from various locations globally. Vrnda is a reputable provider of customer-centric services and products which enable our clients’ transformation. The pillars of our philosophy are Innovation, Collaboration, Transparency, and Accountability.

We specialize in Legacy Modernization, Digital Enablement, AI, and Data Technology. We are not just a typical software firm that provides services to clients. Instead, we partner with them throughout their product journey and aim to make a lasting impact that benefits the world beyond the scope of the product.


Vrnda Principles

Dare to Innovate

Value People

Nurture Talent

Dare to Innovate

Value People

Nurture Talent

Organizational Journey

We were born out of prolonged discussions between two enthusiastic technologists on conceiving a company that could impact the scenario. Having noticed the necessity to create opportunities and make a significant impact, they started a company in 2012 and christened it Vrnda. A spirit and determination were the sources of our Inception.

It’s been a journey of over a decade, and we take pride in announcing that our Inception has led to innovation. In all these years, we created opportunities for young talent, worked with top companies, and supported their business using innovative solutions. Our journey goes like this.

  • 2012

    Vrnda Inception

  • 2015

    Tools Repository for Modernization

  • 2018

    Domain Expertise Expanded

  • 2022

    Completed 50 Projects

Our Values





Unique Selling Proposition

Software applications are mission-critical and need excellent care to make ends meet, leaving no scope for error. The same philosophy drives Vrnda. We delve deep into the challenge pool and come out with unforeseen capabilities to transform your digital landscape with disruptive technologies. Our driving forces are Innovation, Collaboration, Conceptualization, and Execution, which help us stand out. We belong to that rare category of companies that can deal with legacy and the latest technologies, pushing the borders of our problem-solving skills to mature horizons. That’s where we stand out.