Database Migration

Transforming your business with our bespoke database migration solutions

Precision and Accuracy tailored to meet your business needs by transferring data from an old version of a database management system (DBMS) to a newer version or from one database platform to another.


We move a database from an on-premises data center to a cloud-based platform and transfer the database schema, data, and associated applications to the cloud. We consolidate multiple databases into a single, unified database.

Our Database migration helps to reduce costs, upgrades technology, reduces redundancy and improves security and efficiency.


Our Solutions

On-Premise to Cloud Migration

We adopt an unparalleled Data Transfer strategy to ensure excellence by identifying inconsistencies, errors, or data deficiencies.

One Cloud to Another Cloud Migration

We provide tool-based migration that helped us create a brand identity in seamless data migration with exceptional expertise.

Migrate from One DB to another DB

We understand the essential features of source data that will populate the target database. Our proven expertise in converting database schema and testing the migration build will deliver outstanding outcomes and perfect migration.

Vrnda Differentiators

Our Approach

Before taking up database migration, one must understand what is migrating. It is also essential to know how it fits within the target system. If the database has poorly populated fields, inaccuracies, and other issues, then those must be addressed.
We have an excellent team of resources with vast experience who can mitigate all migration issues with a clear understanding of the nature and quality of data. Data assessment is the first step in the database migration process.

During this stage, we decide the type of migration and draw the technical architecture of the solution with all the project details.
Based on the design, the data to be migrated, and the target system, we define timelines and other project specifications and ensure complete project documentation.

Database Migration is not a typical development project and needs a different approach. As the migration takes place in one attempt, it must go correctly. Doing normal things in the right way reduces time and effort. While working on large databases, we build and test simultaneously.

Testing is an essential phase in the database migration process. There needs to be more than build-phase Testing to ensure quality. We test database migration with real data to ensure implementation accuracy and application completeness.

We diligently ensure everything is in order during the entire process. After the database is migrated to a new destination and has gone live, we establish a system to audit the data and evaluate the migration quality and Accuracy.

Our Impact

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Case Study 1

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Case Study 2

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Case Study 3

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