Case Study 2

Business Challenge:

One of our clients, a SaaS provider, had been using an application deployed in a cloud provided by a cloud-based database provider. But, they wanted more than operational efficiency and looked for alternative options. They had an idea to migrate to a different cloud provider but were worried about the consequences, like downtime and data loss during the migration process. They approached us to take up the migration process.


Vrnda has all the experience in database migration, and using that, we have designed a strategy to meet the Client’s requirements. Our primary goal was to migrate data by minimizing downtime and preventing data loss. Our strategy included a cloud-to-cloud migration plan that minimized the need for downtime and a rollback plan to manage any issues during the migration. By taking all the necessary precautions and using our expertise and automated tools, we migrated the entire database to the new cloud.


The database migration to a new cloud environment minimized downtime and helped the Client improve its scalability and performance.

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