Case Study 3

Business Challenge:

Our Client, a manufacturing company, had been using an on-premise ERP system. The system was no longer suitable for their requirements, and they wanted an alternative mechanism. They consulted us for a solution.


We have done the preliminary assessment of the system and suggested that our Client migrate their ERP system to the cloud. The Client agreed to our proposal, and we have started the migration process. Our main objective was to minimize downtime and data loss. We created a cloud-based ERP system architecture keeping in view their current and future needs. All the necessary precautions are taken by testing a sample data set to ensure performance related to data integrity downtime. Finally, we could successfully migrate the entire ERP system to the cloud using automated tools and manual processes.


The seamless transition to a cloud-based ERP system without any data loss or downtime helped the Client with significant cost savings and improved scalability. The data in the cloud was highly secure without any security breaches. The migration project of the ERP system to a cloud-based ERP system improved functionality and capabilities.

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