Case Study 1

Business Challenge:

One of our US-based clients wanted to integrate the API layer to be available in multiple regions because they had a huge global presence with clientele across the continents.


After a thorough analysis of the challenge faced by the client, we have designed a strategy to address the challenge. We have established a platform of DevOps practitioners with expertise in software development and infrastructure administration. Deriving maximum out of the skills of our DevOps team, we deployed the infrastructure in multiple AWS regions. By developing templates for automated Infrastructure deployment with the participation of the CloudFormation team, we could bring the new environment in a bit of time at the required region.

Technical Stack used

We used GitHub as a source code repository, Jenkins as CI/CD automation tool, and Docker to containerize API applications and deploy them to Fargate clusters.


The enthusiastic participation of our DevOps engineers opened new gates of opportunity for our clients enabling proper management of their infrastructure by deploying applications into multiple regions using automated scripts and making them highly available.

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