Case Study 2

Business challenge:

A Co-Operative bank faced a challenge with its legacy systems, which needed to be updated and able to keep up with the rapidly evolving banking landscape. The legacy systems were also expensive to maintain and posed a risk of downtime, which could result in a loss of business and reputation.

Solution offered

The Bank decided to modernize its legacy systems by migrating them to the cloud to address these challenges. The Bank worked with a cloud services provider to assess its existing infrastructure and design a cloud computing solution that would meet its needs. The solution included migrating all legacy systems and applications to a modern, cloud-based environment.


The Bank reduced its IT costs significantly, and the cloud environment was also more scalable, enabling the Bank to quickly and easily add resources as needed to meet growing demand. The cloud environment provided better protection against cyber threats and data breaches. Modernizing the Bank’s legacy systems helped position the Co-operative Bank for long-term success in the competitive banking industry.

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