Case Study 3

Business Challenge:

One of our Indian clients wanted to expand its business by making its application available to multiple customers and group their logins based on the organization.


Our DevOps team deployed the application in the EKS server and integrated login service through Keycloak and messaging service through open fire. Later, Later, we used EKS server with ingress controller and Kong API gateway where all the application routes are configured in Kong.

Technology Stack

We used GitLab as a source code repository and Jenkins as an automation tool for the CI/CD pipeline, accelerating the development, testing, bug fixing, and updated release for customers’ web and API applications. We used Docker for containerization and deployed the application to the EKS cluster. Java and Elastic search, MongoDB, and Postgres are the other technologies and tools used in this project.


Our solutions offered great mileage to the customer in getting maximum benefit by expanding the business pattern by allowing the grouping of logins and sending messages based on the organization and from the high availability of the application and its proper management.

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