Case Study 3

Business Challenge:

Our Client, a mid-sized manufacturing company, has been using a legacy application built on PowerBuilder. The application is critical to their business but has become increasingly complex and expensive. The Client wanted to modernize the application and move the application from on-premises to the cloud.


With our vast and proven experience and proprietary tools, we proposed a solution to modernize the application from PowerBuilder to Java and deploy it on the cloud. Initially, we worked to understand the functionality and design of the existing application and then re-implemented it using Java. We tried to make the new application more modular, scalable, and easier to maintain than the original one. Containerization technology was used to package the application and its dependencies and then deploy it on a cloud platform.


The migration to Java and deployment on the cloud was a significant cost saver for the Client. The cloud deployment also made the application more accessible and scalable, which improved its performance and reliability. The new application was also easier to maintain, needing a little time and effort to make changes or fix issues, which helped them stay relevant in their industry.

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